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Companies' Social Responsibility (CSR) is an unfailing commitment so as to promote morals and ethics, contribution to industrial development with focus on improvement of workforce and society quality of life. CSR encompasses education, health and safety, human and environment rights
In return for opportunities offered by society leading to large lucrative outcomes, the entrepreneurs must stay answerable to meet the basic needs of society technically considered as Social Responsibility. CSR has lately turned into an internationally recognized value with diverse social aspects taken into thorough account even by UN to promote stable development.

To this end, Bahman Group (BG) pulled off its CSR part through different supportive projects such as Mahak Cancer Charity, Homeless Protection Association, Bahman Group Women’s Basketball Team, Bahman Group Women’s Conservatoire
Mahak Charity (Society to support children suffering from cancer) supporting
Mahak Hospital, as the only specialized cancer center financed by Mahak Charity is fitted with state-of-the-art molecule lab. Mahak Hospital meant to run a Hematopoietic stem cells Donation Center with up to 5000 sample per annum in 2017.
Bahman Group, as part of its commitment, vowed to finance 5000 sample project for Mahak Hospital. To this end, Mahak and BG signed a pact whereby BG stays committed to finance HLA TYPING tests for 5000 Hematopoietic stem cells samples for treatment of kids through regular car sell profits.
This project which is basically a humanitarian tie with a private sector runs its course to provide Hematopoietic stem cells for cancer patients, particularly the under-aged ,in dire need of implants .presence of Mahak on Domestic and International Hematopoietic stem cells Panel , enabled patients having failed to receive donation from domestic centers to ask for international medical support .According to the pact  ,BG help establish a Hematopoietic stem cells donation center in Mahak catering for unprivileged patients in need of implants in a totally charge free fashion. This way, not only did donees feel delighted, but donors also get to go through new experience.  

The Homeless Project
Starting sparkles of the project dates back to late summer in 2015.distribution of 15 food packs throughout the most deprived slums of the city like Harandy area. Today, Homeless Protection Association navigates 21 domestic and 3 foreign humanitarian agencies with sponsors called ambassadors of love with one single slogan: World Needs to Be Returned Lot Better than When Received .to this end, BG finance the project in hopes of termination of poverty and famine.
Bahman Group Women’s Basketball Team
As to promote status of Iranian women, BG support and sponsor Women’s Basketball team in the super league of country. The team was ranked seventh in the Super League of Basketball last year, which later rose to fourth place with Bahman Group’s support in the Current Year.

Bahman Group Women’s Conservatoire
BG with focus on promotion of women’s status, supports Women’s Conservatoire in Karaj

Helli5 School Robocop team
BG also supports Robocop team of Helli5 School. This team came to 1st and 2nd place in Japan 2017 Robocop contest with unfailing support of Bahman Group. Robocop team came to 1st place in group competition and 2nd place in Individual competition. Helli5 Robocop team also managed to win the best presentation title